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St. Louis Activities

Every year millions of visitors head for the Arch with one goal in mind: a journey to the top. This is where you'll get a stunning glimpse of the St. Louis region from a dizzying height of 630 feet. But how do you get to the top? You take a tram ride from the south or north leg of the Arch.

On your way to the top using the south leg, you'll return to an era in the 1800s when the St. Louis riverfront was bustling with steamboats, fur traders, and merchants. On your way to the top using the north leg, you'll be transported back to 1965 when construction workers wedged the last triangular Arch section into place.

In the award winning documentary "Monument to the Dream," witness the amazing story of man and his steadfast determination to build the Gateway Arch.What stood before the world was a magnificent monument to Westward expansion designed to last 1,000 years. But the memories will last forever in this documentary.


  • Tram Round Trip is aprox 60 minutes

  • Movie is approx 35 minutes

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